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2009-08-08 07:32:12 by MelodicMich

Woot guess who's back! 1 week of Turkey was great, I got tanned woohoo!=D. But back to business, I really need to make songs again..! Right.. oh well.. anyway.. vacations almost over T-T. Going to do my 1st year of college :). I hope I can make time for my music otherwise.. well.. sigh lol. I will make time >:D


2009-07-17 04:04:22 by MelodicMich

This fridaynight I'll be out of order.. lol :o. Going to Turkey for 8 days, forget about Fruity Loops and after I come back.. I'm full of creativity!(I hope ¬.¬) . I wish you all a good vacation! Have fun and enjoy the sun!

~ Melodic Mich